280 Boulevard, Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046

INSTITUTED 13 May 1761





A mammoth historical record of minutes,

biographies, and notable events was

preserved by dedicated Brethren for over

200 years. This priceless narrative is

now available for download:




In Brief :

St. John's No.1 was founded ("received its

warrant") in Newark on 13 May 1761.

On 3 July 1787, its number (1) was

changed to 2 when New York formed their

own St. John's No.1 [they're still around!].

More excitement came in 1842 when our

number was changed back to 1...


And then other lodges were formed

throughout our area of New Jersey - some

of which merged with us, such as:


Arcana No.60 in Boonton, founded on 22

January 1862 - merged with us in 1979.


Forest Hill No.206 in Newark, founded on

19 April 1917 - joined us in 1967.


Mountain Lakes No.258 in (yes) Mountain

Lakes, founded 23 April 1925 - joined us in

1978. More appropriately, we moved in

with them. And that is where we are now.


Our friends in the Order of the Eastern

Star Mountain Lakes Chapter No.270 also

make use of our lodge building - and they

have done some erudite research on it.






Grand Masters of New Jersey

who were from our Lodge(s):

1796-1798 John N. Cumming

1820-1823 Jepthah B. Munn

1834-1835 Elias Van Arsdale

1844 William H. Earl

1864-1867 William S. Whitehead

1968 Loral W. Pancake

Regular Communicaton:
1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m.