280 Boulevard, Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046

INSTITUTED 13 May, 1761






A mammoth historical record of minutes,

biographies, and notable events was

preserved by dedicated Brethren for over

200 years. This priceless narrative is

now available for download:




In Brief :

St. John's No.1 was founded ("received its

warrant") in Newark on 13 May 1761.

On 3 July 1787, its number (1) was

changed to 2 when New York formed their

own St. John's No.1 [they're still around!].

More excitement came in 1842 when our

number was changed back to 1...


And then other lodges were formed

throughout our area of New Jersey - some

of which merged with us, such as:


Arcana No.60 in Boonton, founded on 22

January 1862 - merged with us in 1979.


Forest Hill No.206 in Newark, founded on

19 April 1917 - joined us in 1967.


Mountain Lakes No.258 in (yes) Mountain

Lakes, founded 23 April 1925 - joined us in

1978. More appropriately, we moved in

with them. And that is where we are now.







Grand Masters of New Jersey

who were from our Lodge(s):

1796-1798 John N. Cumming

1820-1823 Jepthah B. Munn

1834-1835 Elias Van Arsdale

1844 William H. Earl

1864-1867 William S. Whitehead

1968 Loral W. Pancake

Regular Communicaton:
1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m.