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INSTITUTED 13 May, 1761



St. John's Lodge Community Activities


There are many activities which St John's Lodge

members are and have been active in. One such activity

is our service to the Veterans at Lyons Hospital.

This in fact is a District function which all the Lodges in our Masonic

District participate in. St John's serves on a circulating basis where several

members travel to the Lyons Hospital on a designated Sunday to assist the

Veterans who wish to go to Church Services. Our 11th Masonic District has been

serving in this capacity for many years.


The Lodge has for the past several years held a

Fourth of July barbeque open to all; where hamburgers, hot dogs,

salads and of course light drink refreshments. Usually followed by water melon

and many deserts. We have tried steamers and clams on the half shell but we have

not found the expert to assist in this offering so this has not done well.

For the last few years one of our members

Worshipful Brother, Doctor Paul Lewandowski has been hosting a pasta/pizza meal

assisted by many parents in this endeavor whereby the whole team is served in

our Lodge Dining room since the team grew to a size that Parents home would not

accommodate the whole team. Members of our Lodge often come by to observe but

the lions share of the work is completed by the parents. Worshipful Brother Paul

started this undertaking while his Son was a star runner on the Mt Lakes High

School Track team and has continued well after his Son has gone off to run

in College. Here is an early photo of the track

team taken in our Lodge room in 2012. Worshipful Brother Paul in addition

to serving our Lodge and the Local High School also makes his Chiropractic

Services available to returning Veterans free of Charge and has been doing that

for some time.