5 car repair invoice software for your auto repair business

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  • Price – Free limited plan / Starts at $49.99 month

RapirShopr is a CRM software (customer relationship management software) that allows you to create invoices, manage ticketing, CRM, marketing and POS for automotive repair shops. It is not restricted to automotive repair shops and can be used by any repair shop including computer repair, watch repair, electronic repair, etc.

RepairShopr offers a free hobbyist plan with 25 invoice creation, one location, and one user account facility. It also includes field jobs, report, estimates and customer portal.

Additional features like automated marketing and integrated payments require a premium plan that starts at $49.99 and offers up to 75 invoices and ticket generation per month.

Being a CRM software, RepairShopr offers all the essential features of a CRM include customer contact details, estimates, invoices and tickets, email and SMS integration for reminder and communication, referral source tracking for managing commission process and smart billing statements all under one roof.

Other notable feature offered RepairShopr include barcode labels auto-print, customer credit tracking, contact history of marketing, store credit and call tracking.

The customer web portal allows your customers to access the details such as check status, see invoice history, view and approve/reject estimates sent via an email link. Customers can view invoice history and download invoices and ticket PDFs as well.

Customer Map features in RepairShopr can map customer location on Google Maps providing better insight into your customer geographic location. You can manage tickets by creating a list for easy job management with multiple fields to add customer details and repair description.

For large repair shops, the heads-up in-shop ticketing display feature allows you to show ticket status for the customer to provide better transparency.

RepairShopr also offers complete invoicing modeling, ability to create custom intake form, digital signature option, estimate linking to tickets and a robust inventory system.

Automated Marketing system allows you to send automated customer follow-ups, enable weekly or monthly follow-ups, build custom campaigns and promotional offers and integration with social media accounts.

RepairShopr is also compatible with third-party software solutions including QuickBooks, RepairTech, Google Calendar, Google Cloud Stripe, PayPal and Authorize.net.

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